Welcome to TPGraphics.net.

The site is still undergoing a remodel, but please take a look at my portfolio page
which many more projects will be added to in the coming weeks.

I have been a professional graphic designer for 16 years. I got my start
with Workshop Arts/National Guitar Workshop/DayJams in 1999 designing
educational music books, brochures, ads, CDs, DVDs, video editing, and much more!
After 13 years with those companies, Alfred Music Publishing (Van Nuys, CA)
decided to buy out Workshop Arts so my job transitioned to working for them full-time.

Throughout that 16 year peiord, I have constantly been doing freelance work as well.
6-7 years ago, I began my journey working in the beer industry doing packaging design,
advertising, promotional products and many other related projects.

Please see my client list to see who I've done work for!